Smarter Remodeling Cares

What's Smarter Remodeling Cares?

Smarter Remodeling Cares is a company wide initiative aimed to provide assistance to renovate, beautify and provide upgrades to homes owned by senior, disabled, veteran and any other people that can’t afford to pay for these improvements. This initiative, named Smarter Remodeling Cares, will allow us to help many people in our community by integrating not only the Smarter Remodeling resources but also subcontractors’ and suppliers’ so together we can make a meaningful impact in the life of many people that need a helping hand.

If you know of anybody in need of upgrades, repairs or renovations in the community that can't afford to get them done, please submit a request for consideration and we will get back to you.

    Smarter Remodeling Cares

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    • Tell us about the person or entity you intend to benefit

    • Enter the name of the person or entity you intend to benefit with a Smarter Remodeling Cares project
    • Give us as much information as possible so we can determine if this project is a good fit for our initiative. As resources are limited we only accept project where we can cause the greatest impact
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    Projects we are accepting:

    * Accessible improvements: Widen doors, provide access ramps, handicap bathrooms
    * Emergency repairs: Rotten wood replacement, structural repairs, etc
    * Exterior repairs: Siding repairs, painting, windows repairs, etc
    * Interior repairs: Floor repairs, cabinet repairs or replacement, painting, wall repairs, etc

    This is just a small list of projects we can help with. We are open to tackle any kind of projects so send us your suggestions and we will do our best to try to help.